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Instructions for Opting In

Below are the instructions for Opting In to the Text Messaging portal and testing the application.

  1. Click on the Enroll in Text Messaging Notification Option from Talquin's website. www.talquinelectric.com
  2. This will take you to the Opt In page for Talquin Electric. Click on the Sign Up for Our Text Notification button.
  3. If you are Opting In for the first time, select the Opt In for New Text Notification.
  4. From here you will be asked to enter a valid account number, cell phone number and an account nickname. You must enter all of these fields to be successfully Opted-In to the service.

  5. Why do I need a nickname?
    By providing a nickname, a user can enroll for outage reporting or outage notifications on multiple accounts tied to the same cell phone number but identify those accounts with a name such as WELL, BARN, LAKE, etc. The user is then able to report an outage by texting #Outage BARN to indicate the location for which they would like to report the outage. If the user has multiple accounts and forgets to enter the alias, the system will provide them the list of Alias names to choose from in the reply.Description: A description...

  6. Once you have submitted, wait a moment and a summary will appear. This summary shows the account(s) which are tied to the cell phone number provided and allow you to add new cell phones or account numbers to each of the accounts. You are now ready to report an outage for this account. Once complete, click Done Registering Cell Phones
  7. To report an outage, use the cell phone entered above and text the words #OUTAGE to 85700. Within a few seconds, you should receive a notification that your outage has been received.
  8. Once the outage is restored, you should also receive a notification that the power was restored.

Instructions for Manage Existing Text Messaging Notifications

Below are the instructions for Managing Existing Text Message Notifications.

  1. Click on the Enroll in/Manage Text Messaging Notification Option from the utility website.
  2. This will take you to the Opt In page for Talquin Electric. Click on the Manage Existing Opt In Notifications button.
  3. The system will ask you to enter your account number and cell phone number for which you are currently enrolled for text notifications.
  4. Once logged in, you will see a page similar to the one below and will be allowed to add new cell numbers to the account, or add new accounts to the cell phone number. Once you complete your update, click on Done Registering Cell Phones.
  5. To Opt out of texting notifications, please send #STOP to 85700.