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Talquin Electric Cooperative has embraced a simple mission: To deliver services to its Members as reliably, fairly and affordably as possible. Talquin’s new "TEC- Meters" will help keep costs to Members as low as possible, improve reliability and reduce operational costs over the long run.

"TEC- Meters" are the most cost-effective and efficient metering solution for the Cooperative. Half the cost of the new system will be paid for with a federal grant – your tax dollars, coming back to you. The remaining cost of the new system will be offset in several ways:

  • By reducing the amount of uncollected energy use
  • By allowing us to reassign staff to more productive roles
  • By avoiding fuel and trip-related expenses to capture meter readings

There will not be a separate charge for replacement of the meters. However, a Member whose meter base is not accessible or does not meet safety code will be responsible to pay for repairs.


As a Member-based Cooperative, Members share all the costs and benefit equally from all savings. When consumers fail to report their full energy usage or leave the Cooperative without paying their final bills, all Members are left to pay the price. With the new meters, energy usage will be captured accurately and billed more promptly to help ensure all Members pay only for the energy that they used. New "TEC-Meters" should reduce operating costs by eliminating unnecessary expenses and recovering lost revenue. This will allow the Cooperative to be more efficient.


Members will no longer have to read their own meters and report their monthly energy usage. This will be particularly helpful to Members with disabilities or physical limitations, those with multiple meters, absentee owners and frequent travelers. The new "TEC- Meters" will automatically report usage and provide Members with a wide range of information, which they can access on the Talquin website or by visiting any Talquin Area Office.

The graph below outlines a per meter, per month estimated cost of the system itself and the savings that are expected to result from deploying the "TEC- Metering" System on all accounts.


With the existing Member-read system, your bill could reflect energy usage from about 30-60 days ago. The new "TEC- Meters" will report your energy consumption as you use it, giving you up-to-date information, accessible on our website or at any Talquin Area Office. This will allow you to monitor, track and make more-informed decisions about your energy usage.

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YES.  Meters will continue to display usage and can be monitored by Members who want to keep up with their usage by checking the display.

Members have asked “What day will my meter be read?” Each month the read dates are scheduled as follows and may vary within a five day window:

Cycle 2 – the 2nd

Cycle 3 – the 9th

Cycle 4 – the 16th

Cycle 1 – the 24th