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Wakulla Regional Water System Water Main Flushing Advisory


Wakulla Regional Water System Water Main Flushing Advisory

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Talquin Electric Cooperative will be flushing water mains in The Farm Subdivision part of the Wakulla County Regional Water System September 10th through September 12th from 8 am to 8 pm. 

Map of current area

Members may experience lower than normal water pressure, especially members with multi-story buildings.  Members may experience discolored water.  Only members of Talquin Electric Cooperative in this area are affected.

Why flush water mains?

Flushing or “scouring” water mains helps to clear our distribution pipes of sediment and mineral build up. Hydrants are systematically opened to increase flows, allowing us to “flush” minerals and deposits from the pipes, this practice not only extends the life of our water mains but improves water quality.

Discolored Water?

Due to the water main flushing, Talquin Electric Cooperative water members in the Wakulla Regional Water system may experience discolored tap water due to shifting sediments in the water main.  This water is safe to drink and does not require boiling, but washing clothes with discolored water may tint or stain garments.

What should I do?

Water pressure should return to normal levels after flushing in your area.  If you experience discolored water, please make sure to run water from an outside spigot or bathtub faucet to assure that water has been flushed before operating appliances.  If sediment is present in the water, let it settle before drinking.

 How to get information?

For more information, contact Talquin Electric Cooperative Water Services at (850) 562-2115 during normal business hours or call after hours and holidays call 1-888-802-1832.