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Notify County Agency of Any Special Needs


Notify County Agency of Any Special Needs

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Registry is used for resource planning during emergencies

According to Chapter 252.355 Florida Statutes, “In order to meet the special needs of persons who would need assistance during evacuations and sheltering because of physical, mental or sensory disabilities, each local emergency management agency in the state shall maintain a registry of persons with special needs located within the jurisdiction of the local agency.”

The Special Needs Registry Shelter Program is designed to provide hurricane or disaster related evacuation assistance and care for those without other alternatives. Anyone that needs transportation assistance or has a health/medical condition that requires medical attention while at a shelter should register for this program. Clients of a hospice or home health care agency should ensure that they have already registered into the system. This registration helps the local emergency management agency identify those in need of assistance and plan for resource allocation to meet those needs.

Persons with special needs may authorize emergency response personnel to enter their homes during search-and-rescue operations, if necessary, to ensure their safety and welfare following disasters.

This registration must be updated annually. Talquin Electric Cooperative helps local emergency management agencies get the word out about this program.

If someone has a special condition affecting eyesight, hearing, speech, walking, breathing or an emotional condition and would need assistance during evacuations and sheltering, they should contact their local emergency management agency.

The level of care given in special needs shelters goes above the basic first-aid care available to shelters open to the general population.

All information provided is kept strictly confidential.

Gadsden County: (850) 875-8642
Leon County: (850) 606-3700
Liberty County: (850) 643-2339

Wakulla County: (850) 745-7200
*All 67 counties in the state now utilize a new electronic format for the Special Needs Registry Shelter Program. Contact each agency to find out how to access this electronic form. Anyone can access the registry online at https://snr.floridadisaster.org. A login and password is needed to access the portal. Anyone with any questions or who does not have internet access should contact their local emergency management office.