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Low Water Pressure Advisory


Low Water Pressure Advisory

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UPDATE as of 12/28/2022: Our water systems have stabilized across Gadsden County and Member’s water pressure should be back to normal. If you find that your water pressure has not yet normalized, we ask that you please inspect around your home and up to the meter box, looking for any potential leaks or frozen blockage. It is the responsibility of our water service Members to have these leaks or blockage repaired by a professional. If Members are unable to find any issues that would cause low water pressure, we ask that you please contact Talquin to report it.


UPDATE as of 2:40PM on 12/27/2022: Our crews have been making progress on getting tank levels back up across Gadsden County. By Tuesday evening, Talquin Members should start to see an improvement in water pressure. We ask that you please continue to identify and fix any leaks you come across as soon as you can. Thank you to our Members for bearing with us as our crews worked hard to bring the water pressure back up.


Our water systems have been experiencing low pressure and, in some cases, no pressure due to the recent cold temperatures. This high demand issue stems from trickling faucets and leaks across the system, which was compounded by power loss to some locations. We continued to slowly gain in tank levels across Gadsden County last night. We will be working throughout the day again today to make operational changes to help continue bringing up the water pressure. Please continue conserving water where possible by ceasing trickling faucets and identifying and fixing leaks as soon as possible.