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Wakulla Regional Water System Discolored Water Advisory

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Wakulla Regional Water System Discolored Water Advisory

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Discolored Water Advisory
Wakulla Co. Talquin Members: We are aware of the discoloration of water the Wakulla County Regional Water System is currently experiencing. The discoloration is caused by naturally occurring metals in the water, particularly iron and manganese. Although the discoloration of water from these naturally occurring metals is not a health concern in drinking water sources, we understand that any discoloration can compromise public confidence.

There are a few factors causing the water discoloration, including:
• The naturally occurring metals, iron and manganese, are exceeding our systems filters’ ability to remove them from the system.
• Seasonal variations in rainfall and aquifer flows.
• In the beginning of 2021, Talquin had to remove the Spring Creek well from service due to poor raw water quality, which has limited some of our operational control.

Talquin is continuing to make adjustments to the well filtration systems to address the discoloration. Ongoing efforts include adding a sequestering agent to the water to assist the filtration systems in capturing the naturally occurring metals that make it through the filter. For more information, visit our website at www.talquinelectric.com or contact Talquin Electric Cooperative Water Services at (850) 627-7651.

This notice is being sent to you by Talquin Electric Cooperative, Inc. PWS ID# 1650785.