Payment Information

Payment Information

Make A Payment

Phone: (850) 627-9666 (English or Spanish)

  • automated payment option
  • available 24 hours, 7 days a week
  • account number will be required to make a payment
  • credit cards & e-checks accepted

Office: Personal checks, cashier’s checks, money orders and credit cards are accepted for payments. No cash is accepted in our offices.

Automatic Draft: Talquin offers automatic credit card and bank draft services that do not charge a fee. Many Members also pay through their bank electronically. Bank services vary.

  • To set up, log into your online account here or visit any Member Service Office
  • When initial automatic draft is set up, it will  go into effect on the accounts following billing cycle
  • “This Account Paid By Automatic Draft” will show on billing statement
  • Any changes to automatic draft must be done a minimum of 2 business days prior to current billing statement due date

Pay online

Members may pay online with no convenience fee using Discover, MasterCard, and VISA cards.

Payments received after 5pm Eastern Time on the due date will be assessed a late fee.

PrePaid Electric 

With PrePaid , you are in control.  Low deposit, no late fees, and no disconnect or reconnect charges!   Click HERE to see our PrePaid brochure for more details or contact any of our Member Service Representatives today.

*The PrePaid option is not available in all areas due to lack of service availability.

PrePaid – FAQ

Levelized Billing  

Levelized Billing (electric accounts only) offers Members the opportunity to pay the average of 13-month’s usages. The average is recalculated each month using the current usage plus the previous 12-months; therefore, the monthly billing amounts may vary slightly.

Account Requirements

  • Must have at least 13 months of consecutive Automated Metering usage history
  • Must have a zero balance
  • Must be in good standing with the Cooperative
  • Must be served under the Residential Rate Code (RS)


  • Account cannot pay less than levelized billed amount but can pay more
  • Payment arrangements/extensions will not be granted on Levelized Billing accounts
  • Service charges, as outlined in Talquin’s Rate Schedules & Fees, are due in addition to the monthly levelized billed amount
  • Any account removed from Levelized Billing, for any reason, will not be eligible for reinstatement for at least 12 months and all usage will be due in full
  • Each account must have a fully executed Levelized Billing Opt-In Form

If interested, contact any Member Services Office for more details.

Braille Billing Statements

Please contact a Talquin Member Service office to learn about having billing statements transcribed to Braille.

Meter Read Dates:
(scheduled as follows and may vary within a five day window)

Cycle 2 – the 2nd
Cycle 3 – the 9th
Cycle 4 – the 16th
Cycle 1 – the 24th