Talquin Assistance Program (TAP)

Talquin Assistance Program (TAP)

A Voluntary Program

In response to concern for community, the Talquin Assistance Program (TAP) was launched.

Members may donate to this program by choosing to have their monthly utility bill rounded up to the nearest dollar or by designating a specific amount. The funds contributed will be used to assist Talquin residential Members who cannot pay their utility bill due to job loss, illness, or other crisis circumstances.

To date, TAP has collected over $89,000.00 since 2009 with only pennies per month collected to help families in need.

Application and screening to receive TAP funds are handled by Capital Area Community Action Agency (CACAA). Residential Members should contact CACAA at (850) 222-2043 to schedule an appointment.

TAP is a completely voluntary service.

To donate to TAP, enroll through the Talquin App or web or by using the enrollment form below.

TAP Enrollment Form