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Introducing Cooperative Rewards


Introducing Cooperative Rewards

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Introducing Cooperative Rewards
Get paid to help your community save energy!

Talquin Electric Cooperative is teaming up with Seminole Electric Cooperative, our wholesale power provider, to launch a new pilot program designed to save us money on our energy costs. Participants will earn a $25 enrollment bill credit, and may be eligible to be entered into a random drawing for a $250.00 gift card at the end of the pilot for participation.

About Cooperative Rewards

Smart thermostats make it easy to manage your home’s energy use. You can adjust your thermostat on the go, or simply set an automatic schedule that optimizes your energy usage based on your daily routine.

If you have a qualifying Wi-Fi enabled thermostat, and are accepted into the program, Seminole will make brief, limited adjustments to your thermostat during times of peak demand, which reduces strain on the grid and saves all of us money. In most cases, you won’t even notice the adjustments and you’ll always have ultimate control.

Cooperative Rewards will run for 12 months, and you will earn $25 upon successful enrollment. Additionally, you will be placed in a random drawing for a $250 Visa/MC gift card at the end of the program season*, if you participate in summer and winter controls at a participation level of 75% of all control minutes.

While Cooperative Rewards offers direct savings for you, everyone wins because the end result is a more efficient electric system. You’ll save energy and money without sacrificing comfort – and help your electric cooperative keep electric costs down for all members in your community.

Click here to Enroll Now!

If you have additional questions about the program, please visit our FAQ page at https://www.seminole-electric.com/cooperative-rewards/ or contact us at support@cooperative-rewards.com.

 * Cooperative Rewards is a pilot program that will run from May 2021 through April 2022.  It is not guaranteed that this program will continue after April 2022.