Our History

Our History

It all started back in the 1930’s…

In rural areas, utility providers would not build lines into sparsely populated areas because it was not profitable or economically feasible to do so. President Franklin D. Roosevelt saw the need to bring electricity to rural communities and established the Rural Electrification Administration (REA) on May 11, 1935.

Talquin Electric Cooperative, Inc. was formed in June of 1940 by a group of 200 rural residents who banded together to form the electric cooperative. They organized at a special meeting in Quincy called by Gadsden County Agent, H. E. Hudson, and Home Demonstration Agent, Miss Elise Laffitte. They were assisted by REA Financial Advisor, Harold Clark, who explained the procedures for organizing and funding a cooperative.

In 1940, the cooperative was born and then expanded into Liberty, Leon, and Wakulla counties.

That was over seventy-five years ago, and we are still the same cooperative we were back then – not- for- profit, democratically controlled and owned by those we serve. It still costs $5.00 to join as it did back then. We abide by the same seven cooperative principles and exist to power communities and empower Members to improve the quality of their lives.