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Email Fraud Scam Alert

Email Fraud Scam Alert


We were recently alerted by a Member about a fraudulent domain targeting Talquin Members for payment via email. In this email, someone impersonating Talquin contacted a Member and provided ACH transfer and wire transfer instructions (bank-to-bank). The Member then paid the invoiced amount via the provided instructions. The domain being used is @talquinelactric.com. Upon first glance that may seem like a valid Talquin email address, but after closer inspection, Members will see that “electric” is spelled with an “A” in place of the second “E”.


The FBI is involved, and we urge Members to remain vigilant against email scams such as this one. Always double-check the domain name. For up-to-date authorized payment methods, please check www.talquinelectric.com.


Please verify any communications with Talquin made after 2/2/2021 do not contain this domain. If you believe you have been affected by this scam, please contact 850-627-7651 for further assistance.